Branching Out - AJG in Hobart

30 Jun 2016

We spoke to Daniel Quintin, Branch Manager of Arthur J. Gallagher Hobart, about what's great about life and work in the Apple Isle.

Size of team: 14, with a great mix of individuals. We’ve gota good male / female ratio, young and old, the moment you walk through the door you notice the friendly environment, which is very refreshing. Our youngest team member is 25 and our oldest is 71 years young. We all complement one another nicely.

Specialties: We have a very varied client base, but hang our hats on civil contracting, hospitality, motor trade and aged care to name a few. We work closely with the local community and business partners, not to mention our endorsed associations to provide quality service and advice. We have a hunger and appetite to grow, we have the skills and expertise to do great things here in The Apple Isle.

What’s the best aspect of working at AJG Hobart?

What I like about working in Hobart is that it’s like a big country town (so everyone tells me). Everyone looks out for everyone else, you’re only ever a few degrees of separation from a long lost friend or longstanding prospect.

We work hard at the Hobart branch, but recognise how important the work/life balance is. We are early risers here, mostly because the evening rush-hour traffic is fast becoming as congested as London or Sydney!

But beyond that, Hobart’s a great city to work and live in and Tasmania’s a wonderful part of the world. Having spent most of my working life in the London and Sydney markets, the Tassie lifestyle and landscape suits me nicely. It does help that my wife is Tasmanian. I’m still a long way from being accepted as a local, but if I keep helping any and all persons I can, I’m sure I’ll be accepted into the community in the fullness of time.

And that’s our aim at business level too – we want to be part of the local business community and to be known as trusted insurance advisers. We want to be recognised as being different and providing a better service. I’ve only been on board since October 2015 and we’re making excellent progress on a number of fronts. Long may it continue.