Branching Out - AJG Sydney Commercial

1 Jul 2016

We catch up with Lynette Walsh, Arthur J. Gallagher's Branch manager, Sydney Commercial about what makes her and hear team tick.






 Size of team: 11, with an age range from their 20s up to their 60s. Our most experienced team members have been in broking for more than 30 years, but even our youngest have at least 4-5 years’ experience. I’ve been the Branch Manager here since January 2015, but have been a broker my whole career in Ireland and Australia for nearly 15 years.

Specialties: We run a number of specialist schemes, chiefly for the media industry; performing arts; jewellers; IT consultants; recruiters; the printing industry and more. We also have a lot of strata, motor trade, property owner and construction clients, so there’s plenty of variety. We have strong capability in emerging risks, particularly in the cyber security space.

Most interesting thing your team has been asked to insure?

All sorts! Within the team we’ve had to find insurance for crocodile hunters, jet-packs – and even bull semen.

Personally some of my more interesting challenges have been finding insurance for journalists heading to war-torn countries and disaster zones; for people jumping out of helicopters; and for people needing to swim in shark-infested waters!

What’s the best aspect of working at your branch?

I love working here! It’s a great team of people and the company ethos is a bit different from other broking firms. In some places it’s all about the dollar, not necessarily about the value provided to the clients. For us, it’s not just about flogging products. We take the approach of really trying to partner with and inform our clients about the risks they face, and ask them the right impact questions so that they can make informed decisions about the insurance that’s right for them. That builds client loyalty, it’s great for the business and it’s very motivating for the team.