Diversity@AJG: celebrating ‘same, same and different.’

11 Jul 2016

As a dynamic, fast-growing organisation we are exposed to new and different ways of thinking, meeting people from all walks of life and social backgrounds, and the insights we gain from our conversations with other AJG colleagues across the globe.

At the same time, we also recognise that Australia offers a broad and diverse history and cultural diversity that plays into the conversations we have every day with clients and inside the business.

AJG is committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace. We’re proud of our rich, diverse culture and the legacy we are creating for the next generation. 

In many ways, diversity is one of our greatest strengths – bringing together innovation, strategic thinking, ideas and knowledge that helps us to build a vibrant, safe workplace. Essentially, our commitment is to build a culture that is inclusive and confident. In many ways what makes us different also brings us together.

Some of the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives at AJG Australia include:

  • Workforce demographic review – understanding the mix of people inside the business and challenging ourselves to ensure we have diversity of thought 
  • Talent reviews – ensuring there an equal and level playing field for high performing colleagues to progress their career, irrespective of background
  • Employee engagement surveys – to ensure we retain a consistent understanding of areas where we are doing well as well as areas where we can continue to improve for each generation of employee in the business

At the heart of this is our commitment to create a safe, fulfilling and ethical workplace that supports and nurtures people in their journey at AJG.

We look forward to you being a part of our story.