Drones, reinvention, new perspectives: NIBA 2016

31 Oct 2016

Brisbane based Account Executive Laura Billington and Assistant Account Executive, Julian Jemmott, were selected to attend this year’s NIBA Convention as part of the Bob Hardie Development Program being run in the Brisbane branch. In response to the passing of Bob Hardie, a longstanding OAMPS and AJG colleague who sadly passed away last year, AJG set up a program to provide funding to provide learning and development opportunities that form a critical part of our longer term success.

As part of their attendance, Laura and Julian were asked to write a summary of their experiences.

Laura explains, “As a self-confessed insurance nerd, the NIBA Convention was a heaven sent experience! From the packed agenda of plenary sessions through to the range of specialist speakers, delegates were exposed to a new way of thinking about the future of broking and offered a glimpse of where the industry is heading in the next five years. We learned about everything from drones and artificial intelligence through to digital disruption.

Bringing the information I learned from the convention back into the business gave me a fresh perspective on why brokers are so important for clients. Rather than taking products off the shelf and providing a generic solution, we should embrace a modern way of thinking to better understand the types of challenges that are facing our client’s businesses and to build a relationship with them into the future.

Reinvention was the theme of the convention and something we are being exposed to by clients who are looking for something more than just a transactional experience. I’m really excited to think about where the insurance industry and our company will be five years from now.”

Julian continues, “I am really grateful to have been able to attend this year’s convention. It’s the perfect opportunity to network with other brokers and insurers and build a broader understanding of the industry and how all the various companies work together.”

“What struck me most is what other insurers and brokers thought about us as a company – all very positive, which gives me the confidence that I’m working for a great company that is built for growth.”

“Monday morning kicked off with two remote controlled drones flying onto the stage, fitted with cameras that broadcast their movement onto the big screen. Seeing this from an insurance perspective we were told more about how drones will transform the risk assessment process and I was immediately excited about what this could mean for us. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was also covered which is already making great leaps into providing data and information that helps insurers to successfully tailor productions and solutions to a specific audience or market requirement.”

“Overall what blew me away was the diversity of people and thinking in the room. It provided wealth of knowledge with lots to take away.”