Spotlight on... Andrea Davey, Branch Director

31 Jan 2017

Find out more about a day in the life of our Toowong team

Andrea Davey, Branch Director of our Brisbane branch, tells us more about a day in the life in a fast moving broking environment, what attracted her to join the Gallagher team and a perspective on being broker.

Andrea joined the team in mid-2016, coming from a financial services environment, to take the Brisbane team forward and drive organic sales growth.

What attracted you to Gallagher?

Prior to joining Gallagher, I forged a successful career working for one of the Big Four banks. It was a fantastic opportunity and great to work in a dynamic environment, focused front and centre on the customer experience and building long term, lasting relationships.

When I first came across Gallagher, I was impressed by their global track record to date and the pace of growth. Also, being a relationship and results driven leader I liked the fact that they were looking to get closer to their customers and look for new ways to grow the Australian business.

What’s daily life like in your branch?

My team are based in Toowong, just outside of Brisbane. They’re a great team, hard-working and 100% committed to creating value for customers. I really enjoy the diversity and depth of experience that sits inside the team and the growing willingness to explore different thinking. There is a big mix of age, experience and social background which is one of the things that I think makes the team ultimately thrive and work well together.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and this definitely keeps my team on its toes at all times. We have built a lot of solid, long term relationships with local businesses which is great to see, and I like the fact that we are investing in the future success of our local community.

How would you describe the role of a broker at Gallagher?

I’m not from an insurance or broking background which perhaps gives me a different lens to view my team and the broking capability within the organisation. That said, what it ultimately boils down to is three things – providing a great experience, creating value and being there when it counts.

I think the traditional broking model is being challenged on a number of fronts – by technology disruption, by evolving customer needs and expectations and by new entrants to the market who are competing for market share in spaces traditionally owned by brokers.

As a team, our brokers are in good shape to tackle this challenge head on. We’re investing our time and focus on having the right people in the right roles, looking at ways technology can add value to customers and developing tailored products that respond to the specific needs of a business rather than a generic ‘one cap, fits all’ solution.