Spotlight on... Emma Keegan, Branch Director

31 Jan 2017

A snapshot of our East Melbourne branch.

Emma Keegan, Branch Director of our East Melbourne branch, gives us the inside story of daily life inside one of the largest branches in Australia and a sense of the opportunity for people joining the business.

Emma joined the team in early 2016, coming from another global broking operation, and now looks after a team of more than 60 brokers split across five teams. The team look after a broad range of businesses, including those with specialised risk categories.

What attracted you to Gallagher?

Having spent a number of years working within a large broking operation, and having very much enjoyed my time there, I felt the time had arrived to look outside the organisation for the next opportunity. When I was first approached by Gallagher for my current role, there was an immediate sense that whilst an international broking firm, AJG is very much a family business.

That said, it felt like a big move and I asked a lot of questions about the culture, the team and also the general direction the business was heading in.

What’s daily life like in your branch?

The reality is no two days are the same.  The variation comes from the drive and determination my team bring to the conversation every day, to make a difference to clients and explore new ways to demonstrate value.

My direct reports are diverse (one has just celebrated a 30 year service milestone) and this is something I really enjoy, especially when we sit around the table to talk tactics and think ahead to where we want to be in three and five years’ time.

We’re a hard working team and the culture is focused on growth, opportunity and doing the very best for our customers. We look after a large portfolio of small to medium sized businesses ranging from independent, local family run businesses through to fast growing national companies who look to us to provide structure and support.

How would you describe the role of a broker at Gallagher?

That’s a great question. Historically, the role of the broker has been mainly focused on providing the best fit product at the most competitive price. Over the past 12-24 months, with changes in the Australian economy I think customers are looking for much more and the traditional role of the broker is being challenged to evolve with the times.

Our brokers are more than just technical specialists. We’re often a trusted friend when things don’t go according to plan, and a guiding force during the claims process. There’s definitely a growing entrepreneurial mindset here at Gallagher which is interesting to see, with brokers proactively opening up discussions with clients about where the next opportunities for their business exists. It’s definitely becoming more than a relationship grounded in the renewal cycle.

In a nutshell, I think the DNA of a Gallagher broker is technical specialist, trusted advisor, and customer advocate. It’s a great profession and also a career path that offers many opportunities for the right person.