Working@AJG: explaining our Total Rewards Package

11 Jul 2016

AJG’s total rewards package provides a mix of compensation, benefits, work-life flexibility and exclusive staff discounts available through our network of external partners.

Bringing together all of these elements requires a finely tuned balance, designed to provide things that really matter to employees at all levels of the business and are the right fit with the way we work as a business.

What’s the AJG employee deal?

At its simplest level, our total rewards strategy gives you a number of choices that you can tailor to fit with your work and lifestyle commitments. On an ongoing basis we introduce new offerings based on feedback from the business and also where we are able to secure a great deal that our people can benefit from.

We are invested in creating a great place to work where employees can access things that really make a difference to them, and their partners and their families.We care about the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and offer counselling services for immediate family members as well as pro-active tips and information to live a fuller, healthier life. Whether it’s buying additional holiday or spending time contributing to your favourite charity, we hope there’s something of value to everyone, regardless of your age and interests.

Recently, we launched an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) which enables you to invest in your future and share in the company’s growth potential at the same time. This is an exciting development for the company and one that speaks volumes about what we are looking to create for our people.

What culture are we aspiring to create?

As a fast moving organisation, we are committed to creating a culture that equips our people with the things that help them to feel safe and supported to deliver results.

We are committed to growing our people to their full potential and helping them navigate exciting and varied career paths. Please feel welcome to speak to a member of our HR team to find out more on our Working@AJG program.